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[SAVANNAH, GA. July 2021] OneSeed, Inc., a local nonprofit organization that realizes that funding, programming, board development, and exposure are major components that impact nonprofits, has selected the July 2021 winner for the organization’s monthly Seed Money Resource Mini Grant Initiative.  

The Board of Directors of OneSeed, Inc. has selected T.I.A. Through it All, Inc. as the July recipient of the $500 Seed Money Resource Mini Grant Initiative.

Founder of T.I.A. Through it All, Inc.,  Tia Brightwell, said that T.I.A. started out as a passion project that has since grown to include women’s empowerment programming, supporting locally black-owned businesses, educational and artistic programing with an emphasis on anti-bullying, and community advocacy.  

OneSeed, Inc. Founder and Executive Director Moncello Stewart said, “It is small grassroot organizations such as T.I.A., that make the greatest impact on our communities. It is important for communities to know that the grassroot organizations also need and depend on the support from the very communities that they serve.  OneSeed, Inc. is designed to be able to provide that needed support to those organizations.”

OnSeed’s three major initiatives are to provide seed money to local nonprofits,  through deep roots or board development training and programming, and by twining stems or through community collaborations.

For more information about OneSeed, Inc., on how to apply for monthly mini grant, or to donate to OneSeed’s cause, please visit www.oneseedinc.com.