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OneSeed, Inc., is a local nonprofit that has three overall goals. They are to provide monthly mini grants to nonprofits, empowering nonprofits through board development, and by creating opportunities for growth and development through collaboration.

OneSeed, Inc., is proud to announce that M.A.L.E. Dreamers Youth Development & Mentorship, Inc. has been named as the August 2021 $500 Seed Money Resource Mini Grant Initiative.

OneSeed, Inc. Board of Directors’ Chair, Michelle Alvarado, said, “It is always tough to choose which organization is selected, but the board believed in the mission of M.A.L.E Dreamers. We must support organizations like this that supports our youth and our communities.” “Organizations such as this are imperative to our communities because they bridge the gaps that sometimes exists in our communities”, said Executive Director for OneSeed, Inc., Moncello Stewart.

Robert Jordan, Founder of M.A.L.E Dreamers Youth Development & Mentorship, Inc. says that the M.A.L.E. Dreamers Youth Development and Mentorship’s mission is to inspire young men to be engaged and empowered leaders within their homes, schools, and communities. The organization attempts to do this by focusing on family relationships, education and career development, financial guidance, mental and emotional wellness, and a commitment to service in the community through Christian principles.

OneSeed, Inc., a local nonprofit organization that realizes that funding, programming, board development, and exposure are major components that impact nonprofits.

For more information about OneSeed, Inc., on how to apply for monthly mini grant, or to donate to OneSeed’s cause, please visit www.oneseedinc.com.